Be honest... Are you keeping track of your life on sticky notes and tiny pieces of paper? 

It's okay! We've all been there.

But there is a better way of keeping your life (and your sanity) together!

I've created a beautiful, simple planner that not only keeps your appointments and to-do lists organized but also reminds you to focus on your mind, body & soul... areas that are often neglected when we get busy!

This WomenPowerment Planner includes:

  • Daily & Weekly pages to set goals, plan your day and manage tasks
  • Daily Affirmations to jump start your positive mindset
  • 3-Minute Journal Prompts that help you start or end your day with gratitude

Every one of us has those days and weeks that we feel have gotten away from us.

This planner truly helps you organize, plan and appreciate all aspects of your life!

  • Self Care Reminders to keep you focused on caring for yourself so that you can continue caring for those you love
  • Monthly Goal Tracking to help keep you focused on those longer term goals and the steps you take to achieve them
  • Reflection Prompts so you can have a few quiet minutes to reflect on the past week before launching into a new one


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